Why wait in line when you can pay online? Experience convenient and simplified shipping in China with E-Payment.
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You no longer have to stand in line to pay invoices and wait for days to get payment confirmation. Through our customer-friendly digital platform – E-Payment— you can make secure payments for your CNY invoices anytime anywhere online in China, and get your document released faster.


Five Steps for E-Payment
Log onto sealandmaersk.com, visit MyFinance and click on “ePayment” tab
From there, you can view all your CNY invoices.
Start making payments
Now, secure payments online are made possible for you. Click on the invoices you wish to pay.
The Total Amount field has the payable amount.
Select your preferred method of payment
Select the right banks and accept payment terms and conditions.
Input your Fapiao details if you require a Fapiao
Input your Fapiao details in the specified field and leave your e-mail address.
We will contact you via email if we have questions about your Fapiao request. 
Confirm payment with online banking system.

With this safe and fast settlement service, your documents will be released faster than before. Let E-Payment improve your online shipping experience with us. With this simplified payment process, you get more things done in less time.
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